Vesileppis - Activity Super center

Ages of children:
Aim higher.

You only hit what you aim at.

Why not try some new sports to perk up a boring vacation, a strenuous meeting or corporate activity days? Vesileppis provides an endless plethora of adventurous activities you won't easily find elsewhere. Experience wall-climbing, sumo, archery or airgun shooting, or give the ball a spin on the bowling alley or pool table.

Sumo and wall-climbing

Sumo and wall-climbing are some of our most popular activities at the sports camps and among recreational groups. Our climbing wall rises to a seven meter height, yet you are welcome to climb safely wearing a harness. In climbing, the one who has the most fun, wins! And the fun doesn't stop there. The puffy sumo outfits bring quite a new dimension to physical activity and will have everyone bursting with laughter!

Archery and air-gun shooting

Nothing clears a busy mind better than shooting a bow or an air rifle. Come test your focus and accuracy, target shooting is an excellent sport for groups who prefer to get their competitive juices running with less sweating!