Vesileppis - Activity Super center

Ages of children:
Alive and kicking!

Football - all out, all game, all season

Vesileppis has a a full-size football lawn which provides opportunity for pickup soccer and more competitive matches. Football camps feature professional ball players who to look up to for inspiration. We also have an artificial turf in the Vokkola sports park for even more football!

Here at Vesileppis we arrange a wide variety of fabulous football camps both for domestic and intenational players, for teams of all ages and levels. 

Practise with the best

At the football camps we arrange here at Vesileppis, you can admire the supremely smart feet and technical virtuosity of the best domestic and international footballers. Pick up some new moves and find a new practice motivation in a sporty environment!

Fun at the football camp

Vesileppis hosts the annual Vesileppis Cup where football teams of different levels can test their mettle. Vesileppis' facilities easily host entire teams. Once you get here, you're welcome to improve your compete level at the gym, refuel with delicious meals and relax at the spa after the match.