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Herbal baths

Herbal baths take place in 2-person hot tub, thus making it the perfect indulgence for couples. We use Schupp's quality products. Herbal bath durations and treatment options are as follows:

Herbal bath 30 min 30 €
Herbal bath for two 40 min 50 €

Partial massage + herbal bath 54 €
Half body massage + herbal bath 60 €
Full body massage + herbal bath 90 €

Choose your bath

Schupp Cleopatra Rose Bath
Based on pure plant oils, Schupp have created bath additives which spoil the skin and senses. Cleopatra Rose is a dreamy nourishing wellness bath for the skin which simultaneously speaks to all the senses.

Schupp Indian Melissa Bath
Profoundly relaxing and calming herbal bath. Relieves tension and even can help alleviate migraine pain.

Schupp Camomille Bath
A deeply relaxing and calming bath. The skin is the largest organ of the body. Give it therefore best care and relaxation.

Schupp Hayflower Bath
Revives after a hard day and gives exhausted bodies new energy. Hayflower extract is obtained from high alpine, unfertilized meadows. It relieves mild arthritic pain, muscle cramps, promotes microcirculation and metabolism and stimulates the organism.

Schupp Rosemary Bath
Vitalizes, promotes blood circulation in the skin, relieves muscle tension and stimulates metabolism.

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