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Have a breather in one of our villas

For those yearning for special atmosphere, Vesileppis offers a selection of cozy and commodious villas. You can choose a villa in the hotel’s immediate proximity or – for some extra peace – about 8 kilometers removed from the hotel’s hustle and bustle. All our villas house 8–10 persons and provide a pleasant holiday environment, and they feature their own saunas. In July the minimum booking time of villas is 4 days.

Hotel villas

Right behind the hotel you can find two comfortable villas providing ample room and ambience for 8–10 persons. The villas feature 4 separate bedrooms plus a 2-person sofa-bed option in each room. Large lounge/dining rooms and kitchens are made for relaxation. Both villas feature a sauna, 2 separate toilets and a dishwasher. On the terrace in the backyard even bigger groups can enjoy Finland's changing seasons!


Unnukkamaja is a cozy villa housing 8–10 persons and it is located 8 kilometers from the hotel. This intimate holiday resort has its own lake shore, 4 separate bedrooms and an option for 1 extra bed. Unnukkamaja's large lounge/dining room and kitchen make it a breeze to host even a bigger holiday entourage. The villa features its own sauna, 2 separate toilets and a dishwasher.


Konnusmaja is a beautiful 8–10 person villa 8 kilometers removed from the hotel. This tranquil holiday hideaway can boast with its own lake shore and provides stunning surroundings for conferences and gatherings. The villa features 4 separate bedrooms and an option for 1 extra bed. Konnusmaja is a private resort with an ample lounge/dining room and a kitchen, and the view across the lake can take your breath away. It is equipped with its own sauna, 2 separate toilets, a dishwasher, WiFi Internet and a DVD/Blu-ray entertainment center. The garage in the yard provides a parking lot for 4 cars and further 5 cars may be parked on the asphalt-paved parking lot 50 meters away.