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Leisurely gymnastics or rigorous drills – whichever way your group wishes to work out, we can surely arrange a suitable class for you. Our perky training experts secure a fitting and safe exercise to everyone. Corporate and group classes are customizable according to the customers' requirements. We provide a selection of activities for senior citizen groups and versatile classes where you can challenge yourself in earnest or just enjoy the group workout in a more relaxed manner. Reservations available as single premiums or monthly subscriptions.

Get to know our group workout classes in detail below. Welcome along to get the whole group in shape!

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Class descriptions

Pensioner's group

Exercising in a group is fun. We've planned a versatile supply of workouts for seniors, in which everyone can find a group of their own. Hydrobics, gym workouts and stretching are suitably gentle but efficient physical exercise for the senior citizen. We encourage trying out the kettlebell which strengthens the entire body. The exercise vary a lot and there are kettlebells to be found in all sizes and weights so the workout suits everyone from cautious beginners to experienced powerlifters. Our personal training experts find a fitting form of physical activity to everyone and guide you to perform the exercises safely.

Les Mills BodyPump

BodyPump is an efficient form of rhythmic cardiovascular training done in pace with music. The equipment includes a step board, barbell and weights that everyone regulates to their own condition and convenience. The class provides a multifaceted exercise to the biggest muscles in the body, including the abdominal muscles. After the workout the target muscles are stretched. Movements are simple and the weights can be chosen according to everybody's own condition, making the class suitable for everybody. The music gives a boost and the trainer roots for you, so the workout provides an opportunity for you to challenge yourself and to improve your muscle condition.

Les Mills BodyCombat

BodyCombat is a high-energy Martial Arts inspired workout that increases body conditioning and stamina. It's a perfect way to release stress, punching and kicking air in pace with catchy music. Up the intensity and let sweat flow while having a blast in good company!

Kettlebell training

Kettlebells are extremely effective training tools for providing total-body conditioning and raising heart rate. The movements are versatile and all the muscle groups can be trained with kettlebells. The classes suit everybody, the beginners train with lighter kettlebells and for the experienced users, have up to 16 kg kettlebells.


Yoga is a versatile form of physical training that exercises both the body and the mind. It incorporates poses with mind control and concentration. Yoga strengthens the body and improves mobility, adding to comprehensive well-being.


Kind to the joints, hydrobics can also be a very efficient form of physical exercise. Using the buoyancy and resistance of the water hydrobics improves body conditioning. This aquatic workout allows free movement and exercise on one’s own pace. The icing on the cake for hydrobics is a relaxing session in the cleansing heat of the sauna.


HIIT is a high-intensity interval training class. HIIT is a sure way to get fit, torch calories and get immediately visible results.