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If you believe it, you achieve it.

Add that little extra to set you apart from competition

Feeling spent? At Vesileppis you can boost your group's team spirit when the job makes you weary. Without pre-emptive action, modern cerebral jobs with their prolonged sitting pose significant risks to the employees and reduce careers. Longer periods of standing are likely to have detrimental effects on the worker's health as well.

We know how much a heathy lifestyle and proper motivation can affect the results of work. Relax, become inspired and motivated with us here at Vesileppis. Let's tune your workforce to a whole new level!

Work community training

We design your work community training into something special. We can combine work welfare coaching, occupational health services and activating sports specific exercises to support and reinforce both the mental and physical sides of your greatest assets - the employees. We can also design an annual follow-up programme for concise and clear monitoring of the results your team has achieved. We also arrange support classes directed for permanent lifestyle changes.

Enforcing the sense of common goals

Team spirit grows from togetherness and the employees' shared sense of purpose. At Vesileppis we organize programming that supports your common goals. Have an unforgettable day with your co-workers enjoying our services with physical education, relaxation, recreation and fun. Select the activities suitable to your workgroup, and we will tailor your activity day to something you won't forget. Ask us more for tips on how to spark up your day. To us every challenge is a possibility!

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