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Practice is vacation for us.

Supercenter for sports and activities!

Vesileppis associates with innumerable sports facilities that together form a complete service for you whether you're a recreational fitness enthusiast, a professional athlete or just want a relaxing but active holiday. In the Sports supercenter we arrange training camps and relaxing sports holidays for corporate customers, sports teams and individual athletes alike.

Vesileppis Sports & Spa is a suitable location for nearly any sport out there for any level of practicing. We are an active supercenter featuring spa with six pools, 2 gyms, aerobic rooms, group exercise rooms, indoor and outdoor hockey rink, the longest underground Ski Arena in the world, a Sports park with a wide assortment of ball courts, football pitch, athletics field, miniature golf course, disc golf course, a multi-purpose sports facility with a sports hall for indoor ball games, dancing, combat sports; a bowling alley, sprint strip, a climbing wall - you name it.

We provide opportunities to a wide range of activities all year round both for the residents of our municipality and visitors alike. We offer suitable sports packages and activity programming to every need. Vesileppis is surrounded by scenic lakes and offers versatile activities to customers of all ages and levels of fitness. Nordic skiing, cycling, fishing, stand-up paddleboarding, longboat rowing, ice swimming, archery and Husky sled rides are just a few examples in the rainbow of acticity and fun that is Vesileppis!

Summer or winter, Vesileppis bustles with activity

Whether you are the leader of a sports team, an individual athlete or a sport-enthusiast hotel guest, we will provide you an ideal combination of varied exercise possibilities both indoors and outdoors for every season. We welcome you to a rainbow of activities, alone or in pairs, with the family or with the entire team. Vesileppis provides excellent facilities for a wide assortment of efficient sports and training camps. At Vesileppis junior teams have taken their firsts steps toward greatness, as seasoned professionals have been here to step it up another notch.

Sports, camps and sport events!

Vesileppis is an ideal place to have your training camp or sports events. We've got even the Finnish Ice Hockey Federation singing our praises as a hockey camp facility. Our diverse sports facilities combined with accommodation, great food and non-stop whirlwind of activities is a combination you won't find anywhere else!

Fun competitions and group activities

Make the most of what we offer! Come by yourself, with your friends or have us invite your entire company - we'll offer tailor-made activity packages to meet your every wish!

Train safely

Vesileppis Sports & Spa is a supportive and safe training environment, but should a mishap ever happen, you can rest easy - the doctor's appointment is just around the corner from the bowling alley!

Sports super center is ideal for holiday and training

For more comprehensive well-being you can balance rigorous workouts with mental training and relaxed socializing. Have a ball bowling, find your balance on a SUP board, reach new heights on our climbing wall and find you focus on the archery track. Visitors staying at the spa can add that little extra to their stay with our large selection of group exercise options and outdoor recreation possibilities. Why not get your rocks off curling, or see if you can give your friend an even break at the pool table.

See below for a little presentation of Vesileppis by the television sports show Elixir:


Indoor sports

Sportin superkeskuksen sisätiloissa pääset uimaan, luistelemaan ja hiihtämään vaikka vuoden jokaisena päivänä. Meillä on kaikki mahdollisuudet eri lajiharjoitteluihin, ryhmäliikuntaan sekä liikunnallisiin elämyksiin saman katon alla. Keilaa, palloile, kiipeile, paini, voimistele tai ammu jousipyssyllä. Meillä onnistuu ihan mikä vain! 

Ballgames, wrestling, wall-climbing, shooting and even skiing - Vesileppis provides under the same roof as many as about twenty kinds of sport. Vesileppis is a safe and accessible training facility where you can practice throughout the year near brilliant services.

Outdoor Sports

In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there is the versatile Vokkola sports area. High-quality track and field arena offers the possibilities for a plethora of high-quality training and operations.There is also a full-scaled football lawn at the track and field arena.

In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there is the versatile Vokkola sports park. High-quality sports field arena offers the possibilities for a wide range of high-quality training and activity. It also features a full-sized football lawn and an artificial turf.

Group exercise

Ryhmäliikuntatunneillamme voit treenata kehoa niin että hiki lentää tai keskittyä kokonaisvaltaiseen hyvinvointiin. Mutta miksi valita, kun voit tehdä molempia!

Our group exercises allow you to spray the sweat or to concentrate on your general well-being. But why choose, when you can do both!