We proudly feature the world's largest underground cross-country skiing arena.

Vesileppis ski.jpg



Ski Arena is open all summer 2016.

(In the summer the ski temperature is near -2 degrees)


Opening hours:

Weekdays 8.00-20.00, Sat and Sun klo 8.00-18.00


Changes possible. On holidays we follow Sunday opening hours.


Adults 2 hours  13 €
Adults whole day 16 €

Children, pensioners, students 2 hours 8 €
Children, pensioners, students whole day 10 €

Spa + skiing arena
Adults 20 €
Children, pensioners, students 13 €


The entrance to the Ski Arena is located beside the hotel reception. The experience begins with a descent of 30 meter elevator ride below the hotel, into the bedrock.